Arthur Mortha, PhD

Assistant Professor

Our research focuses on the interactions of host and microbiome at mucosal barrier surfaces. We aim to understand how microbe-microbe and host-microbe interactions modulate gene expression and immunity using multi-dimensional tools like CyTOF and NGS. Using new microbial model organisms and gnotobiotic mouse models, will help us to deciphering the molecular and cellular players at mucosal surfaces that integrate microbe-derived signal into host physiology to sustain homeostasis and prevent disease.

Selected publications:

  1. Llewellyn SR, et al., Interactions Between Diet and the Intestinal Microbiota Alter Intestinal Permeability and Colitis Severity in Mice. Gastroenterology 2018
  2. Chudnovskyi A*, Mortha A*, et al., Host-Protozoan Interactions Protect from Mucosal Infections through Activation of the Inflammasome. Cell 2016
  3. Escalante NK, et al., The common mouse protozoa Tritrichomonas muris alters mucosal T cell homeostasis and colitis susceptibility. JExpMed 2016
  4. Zhang D, et al., Neutrophil ageing is regulated by the microbiome. Nature 2015
  5. Mortha A, et al., Microbiota-dependent crosstalk between macrophages and ILC3 promotes intestinal homeostasis. Science 2014