Sidhartha Goyal, PhD


Our primary interest is in understanding the role of bacteriophages in stabilizing microbial communities.

Selected publications:

  1. How adaptive immunity constrains the composition and fate of large bacterial populations. Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, Dominique Soutière, and Sidhartha Goyal. PNAS August 7, 2018. 115 (32) E7462-E7468
  2. Achieving optimal growth through product feedback inhibition in metabolism. S Goyal, J Yuan, T Chen, JD Rabinowitz, NS Wingreen. PLoS computational biology 6 (6), e1000802
  3. Information processing and signal integration in bacterial quorum sensing. P Mehta, S Goyal, T Long, BL Bassler, NS Wingreen. Molecular systems biology 5 (1), 325