Martha Brown, PhD

Associate Professor

Human enteric adenoviruses 40/41, unlike other adenoviruses, replicate to high concentration in the small intestine yet do not typically cause disease elsewhere in the body nor do they grow well in cell culture. Experiments probe structural features of the virions as determinants of tropism in vivo and growth properties in cell culture. Specifically, types 40/41 have both long and short fibres, with distinct receptor binding sites, but lack the integrin-binding RGD motif on the penton base that stimulates uptake of other adenoviruses. Additional experiments involve antiviral agents, with the ultimate goal of being able to treat severe (non-enteric) adenovirus infections.

Selected publications:

  1. Thomas Kai Him Leung and Martha Brown. Block in Entry of Enteric Adenovirus Type 41 in HEK293 Cells. Virus Research 156, 54–63 (2011).
  2. Filomena Grosso, Peter Stoilov, Clifford Lingwood, Martha Brown, Alan Cochrane. Suppression of Adenovirus Replication by Cardiotonic Steroids. J. Virol. 91 (3), 2017.