Leah Cowen, PhD


Research in the Cowen lab focuses on fungal pathogens, which infect billions of people worldwide and kill in excess of 1.5 million per year, on par with prominent bacterial or protozoan pathogens such as those causing tuberculosis or malaria. Treatment of invasive fungal infections is notoriously difficult, and mortality rates range from 30 to 90%, depending on the pathogen and patient population. Our goal is to address the pressing need for new antifungal drugs through an interdisciplinary approach that includes chemical genomics, functional genomics, experimental evolution, models of host-pathogen interaction, microbiome analysis of patient populations, and structure-guided drug design.

Selected publications:

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  2. Mount H.O.,* Revie N.M.,* Todd R.T., Anstett K., Collins C., Costanzo M., Boone C., Robbins N., Selmecki A., and Cowen L.E. 2018. Global Analysis of Genetic Circuitry and Adaptive Mechanisms Enabling Resistance to the Azole Antifungal Drugs. PLoS Genetics 14:e1007319.
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