Justin Nodwell, PhD


We seek to discover and develop new antibiotics. To this end, we use various biochemical, genetic and genomic approaches to discover novel bioactive molecules and understand their action against pathogens at a mechanistic level. We are most interested in compounds that act via targets and mechanisms that are distinct from those of the classical antibiotics as these have the capacity to overcome clinical resistance.

Selected publications:

  1. Martin Daniel-Ivad, Nabilla Hameed, Stephanie Tan, Rahal Dhanjal, Daniel Socko, Patricia Pak, Tomas Gverzdys, Marie Elliot and Justin R. Nodwell (2017). An Engineered Allele of afsQ1 Facilitates the Discovery and Investigation of Cryptic Natural Products. ACS Chemical Biology 12: 628-34.
  2. Sheila Pimentel-Elardo, Dan Sørensen, Louis Ho, Mikaela Ziko, Stephanie Bueler, Stella Lu, Joe Tao, Arvin Moser, Richard Lee, David Agard, Greg Fairn, John Rubinstein, Brian Shoichet and Justin Nodwell (2015). Activity-independent discovery of secondary metabolites using chemical elicitation and cheminformatic inference. ACS Chemical Biology 10: 2616-23.
  3. Leslie Cuthbertson, Sang-Kyun Ahn and Justin R. Nodwell. (2013). Deglycosylation as a mechanism of inducible antibiotic resistance revealed using a global relational tree for one-component regulatory systems. Chemistry and Biology 20(1): 20: 232-40
  4. Ye Xu, Andrew Willems, Catherine Au-Yeung, Kapil Tahlan and Justin R. Nodwell. (2012). A two-step mechanism for the activation of actinorhodin export and resistance in Streptomyces coelicolor. MBio 3(5):e00191-12. doi: 10.1128
  5. Arryn Craney, Cory Ozimok, Sheila Pimentel-Elardo, Federico Capretta and Justin R. Nodwell (2012). Chemical Perturbation of secondary metabolism demonstrates important links to primary metabolism. Chemistry and Biology 19: 1020-7